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Gabriel Le Bomin | 2019 | 108 MINS
France | Subtitles



Mixing the historic and the Romanesque, this film charts a military debacle as well as the revelation of a destiny.

In Detail

May 1940. France is facing a disastrous military situation against the German army. De Gaulle (Lambert Wilson), newly appointed General, joins the Government in Paris while Yvonne (Isabelle Carré), his wife, and their three children remain in the East.

Faced with the defeatist attitude of Marshal Pétain who wants to negotiate with Hitler, de Gaulle has one intention only: to continue fighting. Alongside thousands of French families, Yvonne and the children are soon forced to flee the advancing German troops. Without any contact, doubt arises: will the de Gaulle family be sacrificed for the sake of France?

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