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Death of a Ladies Man

Matt Bissonnette | 2022 | 100 MINS
Canada / Ireland
Gabriel Byrne delights as the equally charming and maddeningly drunken playboy who finds himself caught in the space between death and dying, all to the tunes of Leonard Cohen.

In Detail

Samuel O'Shea, a university professor of poetry, exuberant womanizer and enthusiastic drinker has seen better days.

His second marriage is ending, and his wife and children are at their wits' end with him. More disturbingly, he has begun seeing hallucinations.

At first Samuel thinks it could be the drink, or perhaps he's just crazy or over-imaginative, but then learns he has a brain tumour.

Reflecting on the life he has lived, Samuel retreats to his family shack in remote Ireland, Poignant and funny with a wickedly morbid sense of humour.

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