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Driving Madeleine

Une Belle Course

Christian Carion | 2022 | 91 MINS
France | Subtitles
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When a taxi driver takes a booking to drive a passenger across Paris, he discovers his passenger is 92 years old and travelling to a retirement home where she will spend the rest of her days.

In Detail

Charles (Dany Boon), impatient with his passenger Madeleine’s (Line Renaud) requests to drive through parts of the city significant in her life, is at first distracted and preoccupied with his own problems, but as her story unfolds he discovers her life has been anything but ordinary.

Madeleine had lived through one of the darkest wartime periods of human history and survived violent abuse at the hands of her husband Ray Haguenot (Jérémie Laheurte). Yet she is neither bitter nor gloomy, having chosen instead to overcome life’s often unjust vicissitudes, to fight against them, and to embrace joy wherever she may find it. A mutual respect and friendship that neither will forget develops as they share their stories in this heart-warming drama.

Carried by two splendid actors who enjoy wonderful natural chemistry.

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