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Neil Monaghan | 2021 | 95 MINS
UK Premiere plus Q&A

A political home invasion thriller which explores the horrors our world could face if society stays as divided as it is today.

In Detail

The Britain of ‘Election Night’ is a society where the public are fed up with traditional politicians and the “establishment”. Many believe in a new optimism coming from Lucy Brabbant’s alliance of left-leaning parties. But worryingly a new populist far-right movement is on the rise, the New Britain Party, headed by former newspaper baron Dominic Drummond.

As the election results pour in, five liberal-minded friends gather to watch the TV coverage. It is a drink-fuelled night of celebration. But outside NBP supporters are rioting, claiming a rigged election. And then there's a knock on the door. Three people desperately seeking shelter from the violence. It is only when the visitors are welcomed in that they show their true colours. As the tight election result turns in favour of the NBP, the visitors seize control and suddenly we're into a full-on home-invasion movie.

We hope to welcome the director Neil Monaghan to introduce his film.

Our thanks to Phoenix Films for this screening.

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