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Elizabeth: A Portrait in Parts

Roger Michell | 2022 | 89 MINS
Focus on the Documentary

From the director of The Duke, Roger Michell, comes this nostalgic yet fresh chronicle of the extraordinary reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

In Detail

This fascinating documentary is a wide-ranging and affectionate without being entirely uncritical. There are passing mentions of Diana’s death, Prince Andrew’s car crash BBC interview, the fire at Windsor Castle, a tearful farewell to Royal yacht Britannia, the transition from Empire to Commonwealth, the many misjudgements and setbacks.

Elizabeth is also a portrait of a lost Britain marked by street parties and unquestioning deference. The whole country stops as a mark of respect for King George VI’s funeral and the Silver Jubilee is a cause for community celebrations and bonfires across the land.

The lasting impression is of a woman who has weathered storms, remaining a figure of stability as Prime Ministers have come and gone and the world has changed beyond recognition.

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