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Enys Men

Mark Jenkin | 2022 | 96 MINS
‘Bait’ director Mark Jenkin delivers another eerie prose-poem of a film, about an isolated woman lost inside her own mind.

In Detail

Set in 1973 on an uninhabited island off the Cornish coast, a wildlife volunteer's daily observations of a rare flower turn into a metaphysical journey that forces her as well as the viewer to question what is real and what is nightmare.

Shot on stunning 16mm, the film has a visceral quality that feels both innovative and authentic to the period. Additionally, Jenkin's signature post-sync sound helps to build this dream-like world off the Cornish coast. Its elliptical obscurity is all its own.

A singular, near-structureless nightmare that may also be a formal ghost story.

Mark Jenkin's ‘Bait’ is also showing on 7 February.

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