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Robin Lutz | 2021 | 81 MINS
Netherlands | Subtitles
Imaginative feature documentary about the life and work of M.C. Escher.

In Detail

Written and directed by Robin Lutz, this is a rare feature that takes the trouble not just to understand its subject and communicate his significance, but find ways to show us, visually, how his style evolved, and the principles behind that evolution.

Escher was a rare artist who managed to combine his influences into something genuinely new. His work is a geometric/mathematical surrealist vision of the objectively perceivable world, but also a subjective interior, evoking ancient Arabic-North African graphics; the Salvador Dali-Pablo Picasso-Georges Braque anti-realist sensibilities of the '20s and '30s, and computer models that would not become popular until decades after Escher’s own experiments.

Lutz and his collaborators, including a team of graphic designers and animators, make Escher's art come to life in surprising and amusing ways, from having one of his trademark salamanders appear in an otherwise "realistic" frame and travel across increasingly "unreal" panoramas until we're in an Escher print! Escher's letters, performed in voice-over by Stephen Fry, make it clear that he challenged himself to improve his abilities.

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