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Lisandro Alonso | 2023 | 140 MINS
Argentina | Some Subtitles
International Panorama: Argentina

A story in three places and times finding parallels between the experience of Indigenous communities in the Old West; South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Reservation in the present day; and finally in the jungles of early-70s Brazil.

In Detail

Grizzled gunslinger Murphy (Viggo Mortensen) has come to a desolate place in America’s west on a mission to rescue his kidnapped daughter, Molly (Viilbjørk Malling Agger).

The film pivots to a house on the Pine Ridge Reservation, home to the Oglala Sioux people where we meet Alaina (Alaina Clifford), a policewoman handling a series of incidents, and her niece Sadie (Sadie Lapointe), a basketball coach looking to flee her increasingly depopulated turf. We finally end up in a remote corner of the Amazon where a small indigenous tribe wrestles with a gold rush threatening to upend their lives. Alonso’s latest is his most ambitious film, siding not with the white strangers in strange lands that had long featured in Alonso’s oeuvre, but with the native communities facing these invaders.

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