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Fallen Leaves

Kuolleet Lehdet

Aki Kaurismäki | 2023 | 81 MINS
International Panorama: Finland

Two lonely people who meet each other by chance in the Helsinki night try to find the first love of their lives. Aki Kaurismäki’s deadpan comedy has received a perfect 100% on Rotten Tomatoes film critics’ website!

★★★★ The Guardian

In Detail

Ansa (Alma Pöysti) and Holappa (Jussi Vatanen) meet each other by chance in a Helsinki bar, immediately gravitating towards each other, united by an underlying desire for togetherness and meaningful human interaction.

Their path towards the honourable goal of finding the love of their lives is clouded by life's general tendency to place obstacles in the way of those seeking their happiness. Every bit as funny as it is sad, ‘Fallen Leaves’ finds glimmers of humour and hope in moments of tragedy.

Finnish master Kaurismäki produces a soft-spoken and mordant comedy every six years or so and never, ever misses the mark. Even by his high standards, this gentle tragicomedy is close to perfect. "A tragicomedy that glimmers like a jewel." The Hollywood Reporter

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