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Christos Nikou | 2023 | 113 MINS
Anna and Ryan have found true love - it's been proven by a controversial new technology. There's just one problem: Anna still isn't sure. Then she meets Amir.

In Detail

In a retro-future present, couples take a test to see whether they’re truly meant for each other.

Unfortunately, that test involves removing a fingernail from each party for data analysis. Anna (Jessie Buckley) starts doubting her relationship with sweet, dull Ryan (Jeremy Allen White, ‘The Bear’) when she gets a new job working alongside Amir (Riz Ahmed) at a company offering exercises designed to help lovers improve their chances of a match. The second film from director/co-writer Christos Nikou is lo-fi sci-fi with a big, lovelorn heart. Buckley and Ahmed are touching as two people not sure whether they are soul mates, let alone what to do about it. It feels a little like Yorgos Lanthimos’s ‘The Lobster’ - without the craziness.

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