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Four Daughters

Les Filles d’Olfa

Kaouther Ben Hania | 2023 | 110 MINS
France/Tunisia/Germany | Subtitles
Focus on the Documentary

Oscar-nominated Tunisian director Kaouther Ben Hania takes an unusual approach in examining a familial tragedy as a film within a film. A gripping true story… compelling and ambitious.

★★★★ Time Out

In Detail

The docufiction hybrid examines the disappearance and radicalisation of two Tunisian girls, Rahma and Ghofrane, through both dramatic re-enactments and interviews with the real-life subjects.

Olfa Hamrouni, the mother of the four daughters, appears as herself. Her two eldest daughters were both arrested after the US military bombarded an Islamist State hideout in Sabratha in 2016. Ben Hania also appears as herself, announcing to Olfa and her two youngest daughters, Aya and Tayssir, that the three of them would be playing themselves in a series of reproduced moments alongside actors hired to portray their missing siblings.

Originally previewed during the 2023 French Film Festival UK with nothing but great comments from our viewers and staff.

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