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Clara Lopez Rubio / Juan Pancorbo | 2021 | 90 MINS
The Julian Assange affair is given a reboot by this illuminating documentary, which is notable for its non-strident approach and unique access to the founder of WikiLeaks who became a political hot potato.

In Detail

The film is timely, coming ten years after Assange was granted asylum at the Ecuador Embassy in Knightsbridge, and is a testament to the patience and perseverance of the two directors. Much of their attention is given to Assange’s principal lawyer, Balthasar Garzón, himself a controversial figure, who has not featured prominently in the coverage by UK media.

With privileged access to its protagonists for tnine years, the film follows two controversial characters: the champion of transparency for the powerful and the hacker for justice, united against the world's most powerful state in a standoff which is not over yet.


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