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Heathers and Holdovers

A Brief History of the School Movie

Nick Johnston-Jones | 2024 | 100 MINS
Film Talk

As Alexander Payne’s ‘The Holdovers’ makes a welcome return to the cinema, this talk will look back at the genre of the school movie and its origins in Victorian fiction.

FROM 1 Jun

Date and Times

Sat 01 Jun

In Detail

School movies offer more than nostalgia, teenage kicks and countless coming of age romcoms. This incredibly rich and diverse category embraces everything from horror to satire, sexuality and gender politics, while landmark films such as ‘Au revoir les enfants’ address some of the most profound and troubling of human experiences.

At their finest these movies remind us not just what it was like to be taught ourselves. They teach us afresh what it means to connect, discover and realise our humanity.

As ‘The Holdovers’ joins the ranks of this ever-popular genre, teacher Nick Johnston-Jones of the Cinema Education Team offers a whistle-stop illustrated history of school movies, from their Victorian roots in the English public school of Tom Brown, via the ups-and-downs of the American High School movie, from ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ to ‘Dead Poets’ Society’ and the mighty juggernaut of the Harry Potter franchise.

So phones away and pay attention at the back as we return to school for 90 minutes … there will be questions afterwards!

100m (inc 10m Q&A)

Tickets £7.50
In the Auditorium

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