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Henry James Talk

Portraits of Innocence and Experience: Henry James’s Women on Screen

Patrick Hargood | 2024 | 100 MINS
Film Talk

Later this month Léa Seydoux stars in French sci-fi movie ‘The Beast’, the latest in an extraordinarily varied range of films based on the stories of Henry James, and this talk will look at how women have played a central role in nearly all of them.

FROM 4 May

Date and Times

Sat 04 May

In Detail

Henry James was a writer whose work was imbued in the most subtle ways with ambiguity and contradiction.

American born, he spent much of his life in Europe, and lived for many years in Sussex. Initially a novelist in the 19th century realist mode, he became a forerunner of modernism. A gay man who never married, he created some of the most memorable female characters in fiction.

With the release of a new film adaptation of James’, ‘The Beast,’ starring Léa Seydoux, this talk by Patrick Hargood, the Cinema Education Officer, will explore, through a range of clips, the fascinating range of film versions of his work, including ‘The Heiress,’ ‘The Innocents’ (screening in May) and ‘The Portrait of a Lady,’ featuring unforgettable performances by Olivia de Havilland, Deborah Kerr and Nicole Kidman respectively.

100m inc 10m Q&A
In the Auditorium
Tickets £7.50

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