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Holy Spider

Ali Abbasi | 2022 | 116 MINS
Denmark | Subtitles
A serial killer murders prostitutes in Iran as the authorities stand idly by. Based on a shocking true story. Female journalist Rahimi investigates the case in the face of patriarchal obstruction.

In Detail

The echoes of the present situation in Iran are remarkably prominent in this shocking and engrossing crime thriller.

The killer Saeed believes he is on a religious quest to ‘cleanse’ the city of Mashhad of immoral and corrupt street prostitutes. He is confounded by the authorities’ lack of action and the public’s lack of interest in response to his crimes. Meanwhile a reporter pursues the story.

The film follows the story beyond the investigation, arrest and trial. One of the more disturbing revelations is the high regard Saeed was held within ultra-conservative circles. A crisp, engrossing and effective crime thriller.

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