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If Only I Could Hibernate

Baavgai Bolohson

Zoljargal Purevdash | 2023 | 96 MINS
Mongolia | Subtitles
International Panorama: Mongolia

In the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar, an impoverished teenage boy finds himself torn between his loyalty to his family and dreams of a better future for himself. A perfect example of New Park Cinema “bringing the world to Chichester”.

★★★★ The Guardian

In Detail

Poor but prideful teenager Ulzii (Battsooj Uurtsaikh), lives in the yurt area of Ulaanbaatar with his family.

He is a physics genius and is determined to win a science competition to earn a scholarship. When his mother ((Ganchimeg Sandagdordorj)) finds a job in the countryside, she leaves him and his younger siblings to face a harsh winter by themselves.

Ulzii will have to take a risky job to look after them all and keep his home heated. This assured feature debut from Mongolian filmmaker Zoljargal Puevdash sees these personal experiences become a microcosm of the tensions felt throughout this developing country, where traditions are being abandoned in the march for progress - leaving many stranded well beneath the poverty line.

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