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Akira Kurosawa | 1952 | 143 MINS
Japan | Subtitles
After the recent ‘Ikiru’ remake – ‘Living’ starring Bafta and Oscar nominated Bill Nighy for his lead role – we give you the opportunity to revisit Japanese director Akira Kurosawa’s finest achievement. If you have never seen it, you should. If you have seen it before, your admiration will only increase.

In Detail

Mr Watanabe suddenly finds that he has terminal cancer. He vows to make his final days meaningful. His attempts to communicate his anguish to his son and daughter-in-law lead only to heartbreak.

Finally, inspired by an unselfish co-worker, he turns his efforts to bringing happiness to others by building a playground in a dreary slum neighbourhood.

A thoughtful, existential meditation about the meaning of life and what constitutes a life well-lived, Ikiru is almost guaranteed to prod the viewer to examine his or her own mortality and ponder how, in the end, the scales will tip.

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