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Juliette Binoche Talk

From Auteur Cinema to Stardom

Martine Pierquin | 2023 | 100 MINS
French Film Festival

In anticipation of the closing film in this year’s French Film Festival, ‘The Taste of Things,’ this talk, illustrated by a range of clips, will explore the fascinating film career of international star Juliette Binoche.

In Detail

In a film career that now spans forty years and seventy films. Juliette Binoche’s exceptional talent and amplitude as a performer have made her one of the most recognisable faces of French cinema and an international star.

If Binoche reached international recognition with English-speaking films like ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being’ (1988) or ‘The English Patient’ (1996), she first appeared in French and European auteur cinema of the 1980s-90s, including the iconic ‘Les Amants du Pont-Neuf’ (1991) and ‘Trois Couleurs: Bleu’ (1993).

This talk, by film curator and French film expert, Martine Pierquin, will discuss how Binoche’s sensitive performances and lifelong preference for auteur cinema over Hollywood temptations have made her a much sought-after and critically acclaimed actor with an impressive record of film awards and nominations.

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