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Little Richard: I Am Everything

Lisa Cortes | 2023 | 98 MINS
Focus on the Documentary

In this fierce, fun and glitter-flecked documentary, learn the real and complex story about the life of the architect of rock and roll.

In Detail

Whether it is from his infectious ‘woooo’s, a legendary impression on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’, or the many musicians, black and white, that he has influenced, everybody knows a little something about Little Richard.

But underneath the makeup and the flamboyant personality, who was the real Richard Wayne Penniman? Director Lisa Cortés and a host of famous faces including John Waters, Billy Porter and Elton John try to find the man behind the self-created myth a pioneer for blackness and queerness in music who never got his dues, but also someone who was at war with his sexuality and religion throughout his life. Riotous, but also revealing, the perfect portrait of an icon.

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