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Theodore Bogosian | 2022 | 83 MINS
UK Premiere

And now… a documentary which will take you back to a swinging Chicago era, peppered with contributions by some of its most illustrious figures, including Herbie Hancock and Barbra Streisand.

In Detail

David is the son and nephew to the late Marienthal brothers, George and Oscar, who conceived and operated three ground-breaking nightclubs. The London House was opened in 1946, followed by Mister Kelly’s in 1953 and the Happy Medium Theatre in 1960.

These venues launched the careers of such stars-to-be as Streisand, Hancock, Bette Midler, Ramsey Lewis, Lenny Bruce, Lily Tomlin, Mort Sahl and Joan Rivers. More than 30 live albums were recorded at the clubs, by such immortal artists as Billie Holiday, Oscar Peterson, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, the Smothers Brothers, Freddie Prinze and Flip Wilson.

Interviews, recordings, photos and memorabilia tell the story of the movements for free speech, civil rights, women’s liberation and peace that happened alongside the fabulous entertainment provided by jazz and alternative comedy.

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