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Jane Mote & Joshua Kershaw | 2022 | 74 MINS
A gentle and engaging profile of Ann Sutton, now 87 and arguably the country’s leading artist in textile, working in her Arundel studios.

FROM 16 Aug

Date and Times

Tue 16 Aug

In Detail

What inspires someone to start on a dramatically new venture in their eighties? Iconic British artist Ann Sutton won world acclaim as a weaver and industrial textile designer – she would know. Aged 78, she gave up her looms and dedicated herself instead to pushing the boundaries of fine art. In her ‘laboratory’ of a studio in Arundel, she works alongside her assistant Ruth to turn her endless ideas into radical creations.

She is a magnet for artistic collaborators who enjoy her energy and wry humour. Suddenly Ann’s world changes as curators from two of Britain’s biggest art institutions – The Tate and V&A - start knocking on her door. Ann defies definition but sees how the rules and structures of weaving are informing her new styles of art. In a further local connection, the film’s co-directors, creates video content for Pallant House Gallery.