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Never Too Late

Mark Lamprell | 2020 | 95 MINS
International Panorama: Australia

Starring stalwarts like James Cromwell, Jackie Weaver and Jack Thompson, this enjoyable Aussie comedy follows a group of seniors as they plan to break out of their retirement home.

In Detail

Four former prisoners of war who famously broke out of their camp during the Vietnam War and who are all now residents of the same retirement home for returned veterans.

The four men devise a plan to break out of the retirement home in an attempt to fulfil their individual dreams. Angus (screen veteran Jack Thompson) is “forgetting” things and the Brit, Caine (Dennis Waterman) has even more serious health concerns.

The slapstick and escape planning set-up suggests a comedic “Great Escape”, but the film is also at pains to explore some serious aspects of ageing.

The movie evokes ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ as much as it does ‘Grumpy Old Men.’ It is impossible not to be charmed by these sweet, grumpy and funny old men.

We were delighted to screen a Preview of this film at the 2021 Chichester International Film Festival.

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