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Nuevo Orden

Michel Franco | 2020 | 86 MINS
A near-future dystopia that navigates a fractured society hours away from collapse, Michel Franco’s “New Order” is a relentless and blood-soaked study of social injustice, gripping to watch despite its graphic and escalating brutality.

In Detail

On the day of Marianne’s (Naian Gonzaléz Norvind) wedding, a former employee of her family comes to Marianne's family to ask for help, only to be rebuffed. Marianne wants to do more, but her altruism is interrupted by city-wide protests that force her to hide. The government, looking to foment more hatred between the haves and have-nots, kidnap some members of the rich, Marianne included.

Almost nihilistic in its critique of military force, ‘New Order’ portrays both sides as both innocent victims and heartless aggressors, with the rich turning to armed forces for a semblance of order and the poor protestors executing members of the ruling class with equal violence. In Franco’s bleak vision of the future, no one gets justice or peace. “New Order may split audiences who require a more conventional approach, but this is dynamic cinema which takes no prisoners outside the hostages on screen: loud and violent, it lures the viewer into a place where there can be no bystanders. In that way, it’s quite magnificent – an outlet for those boiling in our times” - Screen Daily. (Subtitles)

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