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Craig Bettendorf | 2022 | 119 MINS
If the inspiration for the ‘Da Vinci Code's Robert Langdon were drawn from a single living person, John Boswell would have been the one.

In Detail

Boswell read and translated fourteen ancient and modern languages, became a Yale Professor by age thirty and was granted full access to the highly classified and restricted Vatican archives from which he researched four award winning books, making him a world-renowned expert in Medieval History and Linguistics.

John Boswell was also openly gay without apology in an era that was neither tolerant nor accepting. ‘Not A Tame Lion’ offers the first-hand accounts of Boswell’s life, his works and his final days during which he feverishly worked to complete ‘Same Sex Unions in Medieval Europe’ a book that changed the trajectory of the Marriage Equality debate.

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