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Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, Jimmy Chin | 2023 | 121 MINS
A remarkable true story of tenacity, friendship and the triumph of the human spirit, recounting a riveting chapter in the life of world-class athlete Diana Nyad. Directed by the team behind ‘Free Solo.’

★★★★ The Guardian

In Detail

Three decades after giving up marathon swimming in exchange for a prominent career as a sports journalist, at the age of 60, Diana (Annette Bening) becomes obsessed with completing an epic swim that always eluded her: the 110-mile trek from Cuba to Florida, often referred to as the "Mount Everest" of swims.

Determined to become the first person to finish the swim without a shark cage, Diana goes on a thrilling, four-year journey with her best friend and coach Bonnie Stoll (Jodie Foster) and a dedicated sailing team. We are invested in wanting to see Diana succeed, but the pleasure of the experience comes from watching actors become these characters. Look out for award nominations not only for Bening (performance of a lifetime) and Foster, but Rhys Ifans as the navigator is very deserving as well.

Please Note: This film is a 15 certificate not PG as previously advertised

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