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Onoda: 10,000 Nights in the Jungle

Arthur Harari | 2021 | 173 MINS
France / Japan | Subtitles
A robust, old-fashioned anti-war epic tells the true story of the soldier posted to the Philippines in the second world war, who refused to surrender until 1974.

In Detail

inspired by the life of Japanese intelligence officer Hiroo Onoda, who during the second world war had trained as a commando with orders to hold Lubang island and never to surrender or take his own life.

Fiercely loyal to these original instructions, and refusing to believe the war was over, he held out as a hermit-guerrilla for decades.

In a world where the deluge of toxic opinion spewing from social media platforms has the ability to corrupt a rational mind, it’s a very prescient film in the way its subject is a person who has been wholly convinced of his destiny, to the point where he refuses to question the logic of his dire circumstance.

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