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Our Ladies

Michael Caton-Jones | 2019 | 105 MINS
In 1990's Scotland, a group of Catholic school girls get an opportunity to go into Edinburgh for a choir competition, but they are more interested in drinking, partying and “hooking up” than winning the competition.

In Detail

In a desolate Highlands town, opportunities for Orla (Tallulah Greive), Finoula (Abigail Lawrie), Amanda (Sally Messham) and their gang don’t extend far beyond a job at the local Woolies or getting knocked up on the local housing estate. But it’s 1996 and optimism is in the air.

The choir are off to the capital to perform in a singing competition where they can sneak off to shop, smoke and do shots – if they can dress old enough to get served. ‘Our Ladies’ brings poignancy and laughs while offering a nostalgic celebration of sisterhood.

If you like BBC4’s ‘Derry Girls’, then you will love this.

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