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Reflections on Harold Pinter’s Film Career

Patrick Hargood | 2024 | 100 MINS
Film Talk

With a new production of ‘The Caretaker’ at The Minerva Theatre this month, this talk will look back at Harold Pinter’s work in the cinema, both as a screenwriter and also as an occasional director and actor.

FROM 8 Jun

Date and Times

Sat 08 Jun

In Detail

Since the emergence of cinema as a rival to the theatre, few notable playwrights have been able to resist the challenges offered by writing for the screen, but Harold Pinter’s forays into screenwriting proved to be among the most successful.

His cinematic annus mirabilis of 1963, the year in which both Clive Donner’s film of ‘The Caretaker’ and Joseph Losey’s ‘The Servant’ were released, instigated nearly half a century of film work, some of which rivalled his achievements as a playwright. Also for Losey he wrote ‘Accident’ and ‘The Go-Between’ and he went on to work with notable directors including Elia Kazan (‘The Last Tycoon’) and Karel Reisz (‘The French Lieutenant’s Woman).

This talk, by Cinema Education Officer, Patrick Hargood, will include a range of clips, exploring how Pinter brought his own inimitable style to adapting the work of other writers and considering the success with which his own plays were brought to the big screen, with passing glances at his work as a film director and actor.

100m (inc 10m Q&A)

Tickets £7.50

In the Auditorium

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