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S.S. Rajamouli | 2022 | 193 MINS
India | Subtitles
Nominations: Oscars 1

If you haven’t been back to the cinema yet, Indian epic ‘RRR’ is the reason to go. Set during the British Raj in the 1920s, this is an insane rocket-fuelled spectacle.

In Detail

RRR isn't just one of the best films of the year – it's several of the best films of the year.

SS Rajamouli's Telugu-language masterpiece is an inspiring historical drama about Indian citizens rebelling against the British Raj in the 1920s; it's a glitzy romantic musical worthy of Hollywood's golden age; it's a shadowy crime thriller about two double agents who become friends; it's a crazily over-the-top action movie, and it's a thunderous superhero epic.

What's most amazing is that all these genres and tones fit so seamlessly together to tell one powerful story.

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