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Rakel Aguirre | 2022 | 69 MINS
History’s longest sustained mass demonstration, the Greenham Common peace camp, is recalled by one of its ‘founding mothers’, Thalia Campbell.

In Detail

The camp was established in 1981 at the RAF base in Berkshire and continued for 19 years, including the eight when American Cruise missiles were installed there.

Campbell, an artist, applied her skill to stitching banners (hence the documentary’s punning title). Important as a political and social record, this quiet first feature by a Spanish-born filmmaker resonates strongly in today’s volatile climate of protest.

Director Statement
“The film, then, is an exploration of the imposed barriers to women as political subjects and how occupying a space as the women did for almost 20 years was a symbolic act to say they belonged there and were there to stay.” Rakel Aguirre (Director)

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