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Tout simplement Noir

John Wax and Jean-Pascal Zadi | 2020 | 90 MINS
France | Subtitles
New Release

In this politically incorrect comedy for which Jean-Pascal Zadi was awarded the Most Promising Actor César, JP, a wannabe actor, decides to organise the first large 'Black Lives Matter' style protest in France to fight what he perceives as bigotry and racism.

In Detail

As he comically struggles to put together his march, which is set to take place in Paris’ Place de la République, he makes various encounters, often burlesque, sometimes tragic, with members of the community, activists, the police.

‘Simply Black’ is funny throughout; the mockumentary angle works, but every laugh gained comes with a pinch of salt because there is an element of truth behind each calamity that Jean-Pascal Zadi experiences.

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