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Small Body

Piccolo Corpo

Laura Samani | 2021 | 89 MINS
Italy/France | Subtitles
A young woman who embarks on a desperate journey to reach a mysterious sanctuary to save her daughter's soul from the eternal damnation of Limbo.

In Detail

In an isolated island community in North-eastern Italy at the beginning of the 20th century, Agate gives birth to a stillborn baby.

Terrified by being told her child will forever drift in spiritual limbo, she flees husband and family, with her baby’s corpse, embarking on a desperate, dangerous journey to the mountains, where there may be somewhere or someone that can save its soul.

With its surprising plot twists and moments of genuine suspense, 'Small Body' could easily pass as a thriller, but its thoughtful tone, dark and enchanting atmosphere, and skilful pacing give it the feel of a Gothic fairy tale.

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