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Song & Dance in Film

Education Team | 2022 | 120 MINS
Illustrated Talk - Auditorium

The Education team at Chichester Cinema at New Park present another illustrated talk on the different aspects of this popular subject.

Date and Times

Sat 15 Jan

In Detail

The presentation, by Cinema Trustee Michael Cox and Projectionist Paul Stanley covers, not just musicals, but how an individual song or dance from any film genre can engage, move, influence, or entertain the audience. This edition also has a special French flavour. Background information on a wide range of songs and dance styles featured on film will once again abound.

This is our third visit to the versatile and artistic world of cinema when song or dance have been used. Whatever personal tastes one has everyone enjoys the shared experience of watching a diverse range of musical performances. This is especially true because they can be displayed in an expanded panoramic or close-up setting in a medium that only cinema can provide for the viewer.


Tickets £6.50
Friends/Students £5

Sat 15 Jan 10:15
In the Auditorium