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What do these popular films all have in common? 'Blue Jasmine', 'Untouchable', 'Julie and Julia'?
And the lesser known titles like 'Certified Certificate', 'Light of My Life' and 'Cease Fire'?
They were all presented as a secret SURPRISE film in our annual Film Festival.

In Detail

We launched the Surprise Film in the Festival in 2012, and continued this idea where you settle down for a film, not knowing what it will be...
Or you may never have heard of it before!

One year I found it difficult to find a suitable film with the expected reputation we had built over the years, so there was no surprise film. There was an outcry from fans that expected something!

So I have been hoisted by my own petard and now deliver something every year - well known or not!
Join in the fun and take the opportunity to gamble by booking in advance for hopefully a very worthwhile surprise!

We had hoped to welcome the director to introduce his film - a UK Premiere, but we have just been advised that he has been 'pinged' by the Covid App and must self-isolate. Without giving too much away, the director is German, and it is a drama based upon actual events

- Roger Gibson.

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