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Testing, One, Two

Music Festivals on Screen

Sandy Guthrie | 2022 | 120 MINS
Auditorium Talk

It started with ‘Jazz on a Summer’s Day’ in 1959 – filming music festivals, capturing the music of a period as well as the mood of the time and, often, the audiences. These films evolved along with the music until Martin Scorsese directed what is probably the pinnacle of the multi-artist film genre with 1978’s ‘The Last Waltz’.

In Detail

Sandy Guthrie from the Education Team will track this journey, which will include ‘Monterey Pop’ and ‘Woodstock” among other, maybe lesser known examples of the festival film.

A selection of fantastic music is promised on the big screen in the auditorium with great sound, from this extraordinary period when film and music were changing and developing so fast. Hipster shades, flared jeans and beads are not mandatory as the music and films will set the scene.

Sat 28 May 10:30 - In the Auditorium

Tickets £6.50
Friends/Students £5

Also Screening:
THE LAST WALTZ (Sun 5 Jun 20:00 & Tue 7 Jun 13:15)
MONTEREY POP (Sat 25 Jun 20:00 & Wed 29 Jun 16:15)