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The Drover’s Wife

Leah Purcell | 2021 | 109 MINS
Molly raises her children in the harsh environment of an outback farm when a fugitive Aboriginal man, Yadaka, who may be a mass murderer stumbles into her life.

In Detail

Fending for herself at their isolated shanty in the Snowy Mountains region of New South Wales, heavily pregnant Molly negotiates the privations and dangers with dogged conviction while her husband is away.

When Yakada enters her life Molly begrudgingly forges a wary friendship based on their shared memories of abuse and marginalization. Their relationship forces Molly to confront inconvenient truths about her past.

The cinematography skillfully accentuates the dichotomy of natural beauty and savage violence.

Purcell is monumental in the lead role, and her vision of a racist, unjust society is still disturbingly relevant in what is a bold, uncompromising work.

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