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The Epic of Everest

J.B.L. Noel | 1924 | 87 MINS
Focus on the Documentary

The official record of George Mallory and Andrew Irvine's fateful 1924 expedition.

★★★★ The Guardian

FROM 9 Jun

Date and Times

Sun 09 Jun

In Detail

In June 1924 Mallory and Irvine walked to their deaths, disappearing from the view of their fellow explorers on the north-east ridge of Mount Everest.

That there was a filmmaker with a customised camera and a telephoto lens on hand to record any of their final steps is impressive, even when viewed from the age of citizen photojournalism. The documentary that Captain John Noel crafted from his hard-won footage is an astonishing movie, one that pays equal tribute to the ambition of Mallory's team and the inhospitality of the mountain. A film that is astonishing in its chill grandeur, and that will linger long in the minds of viewers. We will also be screening the ‘The Great White Silence’ this season which traces the Arctic expedition led by Capt. Robert F. Scott.

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