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The Eternal Daughter

Joanna Hogg | 2023 | 96 MINS
Joanna Hogg’s (‘The Souvenir’) latest film sees an artist and her elderly mother confront long-buried secrets when they return to a former family home, now a hotel haunted by its mysterious past.

★★★★ The Guardian

In Detail

Julie and Rosalind have come to this secluded Welsh locale so the former can work on her new screenplay, incorporating remembrances of the latter’s childhood. Before Moel Famau was a hotel, for a few years it was also Rosalind’s home when she was a little girl. Memories hide around every corner and lurk in all the shadows.

Tilda Swinton portrays both Julie and Rosalind, and in a career overflowing with magnificent performances, this may be one of her best. She dives in confidently, creating two distinct characters with their own personalities, histories, and ghosts who all stalk them down the lonely hallways of Moel Famau. As much as mother and daughter have in common, the emotional baggage they carry remains their own, and Swinton brings all this into the piercing, unflinching light with perceptive gracefulness. Acclaimed filmmaker Hogg's beguiling latest film is a brilliant and captivating exploration of parental relationships and the things we leave behind. This will undoubtedly capture the eye of every BAFTA award voter.

"A blackly funny exploration of identity." Sight & Sound

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