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James Watkins | 2022 | 55 MINS

We will be joined by Director James Watkins for this special screening of Episode 4 of the recent ITV series of 'The Ipcress File.

In Detail

Andrew Eaton writes:
Adapting ‘The Ipcress File’ for television has been a labour of love for the team of Will Clarke, James Watkins and John Hodge. Many people will remember the Michael Caine film (showing preceding this event) and that led to a very complicated set of copyright issues that had to be resolved before anything new could be done with Len Deighton’s creation. Then there was the challenge of finding the new Harry Palmer, getting ITV on board and, of course, Covid.

Filming was split between Croatia and Liverpool, including creating the Pacific Atoll for the bomb test, a whole sequence that was omitted from the original film. John Hodge’s script sticks more closely to the novel, with the addition of a bit of origin story for Harry in Berlin. Once Joe Cole was cast, Tom Hollander and Lucy Boynton joined the team and the chemistry between them in the series is clear to see. A.E.
We will be screening Episode 4 from the series.
UK/Croatia 2022 James Watkins 55m episode

We are delighted to welcome director James Watkins.

NB. Preceding this event there will be a complete screening separately of ‘The Ipcress File’ (1965 film) in the Studio - Sun 21 Aug 10:30

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