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The Last Duel

Ridley Scott | 2021 | 153 MINS
Ridley Scott’s epic tale of two French knights and former friends who come to blows after one rapes the other’s wife.

In Detail

It is a relief that the victim, Jean de Carrouges’ wife Margueritte, plays a central role in what could have been a macho chest-thumping exercise. She bravely accuses Jacques LeGris of the crime which leads to the eponymous confrontation between the two men played by Matt Damon and Adam Driver.

Based on actual events, Jodie Comer’s Margueritte is destined to burn should her husband lose the duel. Scott knows how to handle this sort of thing in his sleep and with Affleck and Damon co-writing the screenplay the film is a far more interesting and nuanced product than it looks at first glance. Thankfully there are no silly accents.

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