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The Metamorphosis of Birds

A Metamorfose dos Pássaros

Catarina Vasconcelos | 2020 | 91 MINS
Portugal | Subtitles
International Panorama:

Catarina Vasconcelos sifts through the memories and dreams of her ancestors. This is the beginning of a generational saga, told in shards of memory and voiceover.

In Detail

Neither fish nor fowl - but fascinated with the connections between species – ‘The Metamorphosis of Birds’ is a singular hybrid.

A family saga in the form of a poetic documentary essay, this debut feature by Portuguese writer-director Catarina Vasconcelos is an inventive, boldly imagistic piece that marks its creator as an original, deeply thoughtful talent.

The tone of Vasconcelos’s economical but potent style of low-key cinematic magic might best be summed up by a shot that follows the slow development of a Polaroid photo, or by another moment, more spectacular but just as simple: a time-lapse sequence of blossoming flowers.

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