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The Nature of Love

Simple Comme Sylvain

Monia Chokri | 2023 | 111 MINS
Canada/France | Subtitles
French Film Festival UK

A fun, sharp and sexy Canadian rom-com that deals with class division and even pokes fun at its own genre.

In Detail

Sophia (Magalie Lépine Blondeau,) a 40-year-old philosophy teacher, is in a stable if somewhat socially conforming relationship with Xavier (Francis-William Rhéaume).

From gallery openings to endless dinner parties, ten years have already flown by. Sylvain (Pierre-Yves Cardinal) is a local craftsman, renovating Sophia and Xavier’s new country house on the side of a lake. When Sophia and Sylvain meet, Sophia’s world is turned upside down. Opposites attract, but can they last? Chokri takes an acerbic and original look at the difficulties of monogamy through her protagonists, enhanced by superbly naturalistic performances. The Quebecois actress-turned-filmmaker appears on confident, philosophical and mature form in this her third feature.

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