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The Origin of Evil

L’Origine du Mal

Sébastien Marnier | 2022 | 123 MINS
France/Canada | Subtitles
French Film Festival UK

The film’s wicked ways hit home with all the more jouissance for being deceptively anchored in the real.

In Detail

With more than a nod in the direction of such masters as Patricia Highsmith and Claude Chabrol, director Sébastien Marnier for his third feature sets up camp in a luxurious seaside villa where a young woman finds herself in the company of her strange family: an unknown wealthy father, Serge (Jacques Weber), his extravagant wife, Louise (Dominique Blanc) his scheming daughter George (Doria Tillier), his rebellious granddaughter Jeanne (Céleste Brunnquel) and their creepy housekeeper Agnès (Véronique Ruggia Saura).

Laure Calamy stars as the calculating Stéphane, a worker at a fish factory who shows up on the doorstep claiming to be the long-lost daughter of the patriarch. Cue twists and turns in abundance.

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