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Christopher Nolan | 2006 | 131 MINS
Following the first instalment of his Batman reboot, 'Batman Begins', Nolan took on another adaptation, this time of British novelist Christopher Priest’s award-winning tale of rival illusionists in 19th century London.

In Detail

Christian Bale, Nolan’s Batman, returns for him as Alfred Borden, the working class ‘Professor’ who competes with Hugh Jackman’s Robert Angier, — ‘The Great Danton’ — an aristocratic magician.

The supporting cast includes Michael Caine as Cutter, the stage engineer, who explains to Borden’s daughter how magic tricks are founded on a three-act structure: the pledge, the turn and the prestige, Nolan implicitly suggesting that filmmakers are in the great tradition of illusionists. Also featured are Scarlett Johansson as Angier’s assistant and David Bowie as the real-life inventor Nikola Tesla. Nolan employs a deft sleight of camera in a non-linear narrative in which both the audience in the film and the cinema audience are willing dupes in a bravura battle of wits.

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