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The Queen of Spades

Thorold Dickinson | 1949 | 95 MINS
Classics Restored & Reissued

How far would you go to amass your fortune? This classic tale of avarice and vengeance has undergone a painstaking six-month 4K restoration process.

In Detail

Set in 1802 Russia and starring Anton Walbrook and Edith Evans it tells the story of the ruthlessly ambitious Captain Suvorin, who overhears a rumour that an ailing Countess sold her soul to win at cards.

Pursuing this story, and thusly his imagined future fortune, Suvorin will stop at nothing to achieve the secret of the cards. As Suvorin gets closer to the truth, his quest takes an unforgettably eerie turn.

‘The Queen of Spades’ is a treasured relic of a time when the British cinema momentarily abandoned its good manners and revelled gloriously in visual and emotional excess.

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