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The Tender Bar

George Clooney | 2021 | 104 MINS
George Clooney directs the story of J.R. a fatherless boy growing up in the glow of a bar where the bartender, his Uncle Charlie (Ben Affleck), fills the gap where his father should be.

In Detail

Based on the best-selling memoir by J.R. Moehringer, J.R., a Long Island native, spends his childhood living alongside his loving grandmother, his grandfather who communicates largely through farting, and his uncle Charlie. Charlie owns a bar where the shelves are bursting with dusty, ragged books.

We follow J.R.’s struggles in life and love as he struggles to become a writer. Affleck is the film’s great revelation. He wears the part like an old, beaten-up jacket, utterly believable as a man who’s accepted his destiny with noble resignation.

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