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Lo Sceicco Bianco

Federico Fellini | 1952 | 86 MINS
Italy | Subtitles
A charming screwball comedy in which Ivan brings his new bride to Rome to introduce her to his family, but Wanda is more interested in meeting The White Sheik - hero of her favourite fotoromanzo.

In Detail

An early film from Fellini, with a script by Antonioni ‘The White Sheik’ tells the story of a newlywedded couple’s honeymoon that turns into disaster when the virginal bride runs away in search of the eponymous hero, a soap-opera actor who fulfils her naïve romantic ideals.

With his first solo effort, parting ways with Rossellini but not entirely from neo-realism, he went back to one of his passions — comic-book writing. ‘The White Sheik’ is one of Fellini's funniest films that deals with the relationship between fantasy and reality with a satirical deft touch.

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