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Theo Angelopoulos: History, Silence, Borders

Dr Stavroula Varella | 2022 | 120 MINS
Greece | Some Subtitles
Illustrated Talk - Auditorium

Marking the tenth anniversary of his untimely death, this talk celebrates the life and work of one of Europe’s most respected directors. In the first part we present an overview of Theo Angelopoulos’s cinema, demonstrating what Scorsese referred to as the ‘hypnotic, sweeping, and profoundly emotional’ effect of his films. In the second part we discuss how history, geography and mythology intertwine with his unique cinematography to create unforgettable films.

In Detail

History, Silence, Borders are the names given to Angelopoulos’s complete trilogies. History is never a lesson; no blatant views on Balkan history are ever given; myth and symbolism are all too subtle for the censors of the Greek Junta. Silence becomes an opportunity for personal and societal self-reflection. Borders are highly symbolic (‘If I take another step I’m somewhere else’) and as relevant now as they’ve ever been. All three themes merge in his last, unfinished trilogy on Modern Greece.

Dr Stavroula Varella - who will lead the talk - has taught linguistics at the universities of Sussex, Chichester and King’s College London. One of her research interests is language and culture contact in the border zone. Borders are of course one of Theo Angelopoulos’s recurring themes.

Also Screening... Angelopoulos' film 'THE DUST OF TIME'