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Three Minutes: A Lengthening

Bianca Stigter | 2021 | 69 MINS
Netherlands/UK | Subtitles
Focus on the Documentary

Bianca Stigter’s documentary transforms rare colour home-movie footage shot in 1938 Poland into a testament to victims of the Holocaust.

In Detail

Home movies may be the most haunting cinema of all, taking on the lustre of loss and mortality with each passing year.

The home movies Glenn Kurtz found in his parents’ home in Florida were rarer and more precious still. The film explores the amateur footage his grandfather shot on a European trip in 1938, focusing on members of the Jewish community in Nasielsk, Poland, just one year before the Nazis invaded on their murderous campaign.

A great film about filmmaking and a quietly devastating memorial for lives long gone.

The most haunting and perhaps the best documentary of the year.

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