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True Things

Harry Wootliff | 2021 | 102 MINS
Harry Wootliff’s film follows a young woman (Ruth Wilson) living on the fringes of society who becomes intoxicated by a stranger who overwhelms her quiet life.

In Detail

A Jobcentre worker strikes up a romantic relationship with a mysterious ex-convict who visits her office and has just been released from prison after “a run-in with an articulated lorry and a lamp post”.

Adapted from Deborah Kay Davies’s novel ‘True Things About Me’, the film certainly knows its way around the intricacies of bad relationships, to the point where it provides viewers with a kind of step-by-step roadmap through all the tripwires and snares.

This is a strong, assertive, sexy story about and by women that every woman will in some way recognise, and many more men besides.

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